2D Character Animation

2D character animation offers a light and enchanting alternative to direct live action. Here are some of the many reasons why the use of 2D character animation is increasing throughout the company and in brand communications:

2D Character Animation

  • 2D character animation is universal and accessible
  • The character can give viewers a point of reference to which they can relate.
  • Difficult technical theories can be easily explained
  • 2D character animation is an economical alternative to live action videos.


There are many subtleties in the development of successful 2D characters. Everything – from the concept to the interaction of the characters with the environments through the dialogue style – must be absolutely perfect to attract the spectators and keep them engaged. The combination of the explanation video and the character animation can generate an unparalleled commitment.

As one of the leading 2D character animation companies in India, we leverage the tremendous experience accumulated over many years in this industry to provide our clients with professional visual solutions. Take a look at our portfolio of animations to see what we are capable of and what makes us the best choice for IFBA 2D animation.

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