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A payment gateway is the connection between your Website and your financial institution (bank) that handles the transactions that take place on your E-Commerce Website.

Type of payment gateways available

The great thing about payment gateways is that they are available in all different sizes to suit any business’ needs. Ranging from free setup payment gateways such as PayPal, to full blown payment gateways such as eWay (Australia) and (North America). The main difference is if the user needs to leave your Website to make payment.

With a PayPal solution for example, it is cheaper to originally set-up, but in most cases, the user is directed from your Website to PayPal’s site to process the payments.

Depending on the situation, you may also require an SSL certificate. This certificate is used when encrypting the information sent from your Website to the payment gateway, to help prevent the interception and loss of your client’s valuable personal information. IFBA can assist you in purchasing the correct SSL certificate for your site.

Whilst at IFBA, we are open to any method of supplying clients with online facilities; we generally support the use of any payment gateway We integrate Websites with Payment Gateway Solutions to enable businesses and organizations accept online payments securely and safely for products, services and fees.

We advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective methods of secure payment-processing system to fit with your specific requirements.

We have setup solutions for

  • Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Amex credit Cards
  • All Debit Cards including Maestro
  • 33+ Net banking options
  • Cash cards and mWallets
  • IVR Payments and Email Invoicing

The solutions we offer are secure; easy to manage and come with an administration system to give you control to easily manage your sales in an online environments.

We offer Payment gateway solutions for B2B and B2C business solutions. IFBA focuses on flexible, effective and user friendly solutions for extreme competitive prices. Our efficient technical team can help your business Get Going within hours. Our processes are highly organized and we are determined to assist you at every step.

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