Corporate Identity Cards



A corporate identity is the persona of the business and is communicated verbally, in writing, graphically, by the values, beliefs and conduct of staff, and in the delivery of products and services.

An effective corporate identity successfully merges the business strategy, culture, and communications, those distinguishing elements of individuality, with the result of defining and identifying the business to the marketplace, and ideally positioning it in the category it wishes to play in. This means that target buyers consider the business when making purchasing decisions which, as we know, is often half the battle in B2B marketing.

We provide you with good corporate identity will have:

  • Differentiation: it will stand out from the competition.
  • Relevance: it will articulate the problem the business solves for its customers.
  • Coherence: it will be coherent and consistent with all touch points (or brand experiences eg. a email, an event, a customer walking into the business office) possessing common elements.
  • Esteem: if it’s differentiated, relevant and coherent it is likely to have earned a reputation of value for both its internal and external audiences.

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