Motion Graphics

Our practice of motion graphics was introduced in 2010 in response to clients who were looking for additional ways to engage their audiences. The format of the animation video, as a format, lies in the fact that it combines visual and auditory stimuli to evoke a strong emotion and create a strong link between a brand, a message, and an audience. From the point of view of the user experience, it is easy for those who consume the content, and there are many options for creating attractive animated graphic content.

IFBA motion graphics are created by a team of experienced storyboard artists who are experts in all media and styles, such as vectors, cartoons, semi-realistic and realistic.

Our Motion graphics services are popular among movie studios, animation companies, advertising agencies, and corporations. We offer end-to-end motion design services or individual services. As part of our motion graphics services, the team works with explanatory videos, TVCs, corporate films, computer graphics, typography, logo animations, and presentations.

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