Stop Scrolling, Start Clicking: 5 Social Media Optimization Hacks to Skyrocket Your Conversions

Social Media Optimization Hacks

Social Media Optimization is an integral part of online operations of business dealings. Experts handle sales via it and also ensure profits increase.

The biggest mistake business owners tend to make is that they make is they think Facebook ads work the same as other marketing solutions. But that is not how things work when a person promotes one’s products with this channel. Why so? People do not use Facebook to buy products.

Social Media Optimization Hacks to Skyrocket Conversions:

Social Media Optimization Hacks

Social Media Optimization

1. Knowing the One’s Objectives

Setting achievable goals is the first step to creating winning Facebook ad campaigns. That means ensuring one’s campaign objectives are correct and in line with business goals.

Priorities change over time depending on the needs of one’s business. The strategy needs to be streamlined from time to time to witness noticeable conversions as well as sales.

Creating a comprehensive list of goals while running their campaigns is difficult. There are some common goals almost every business wants to attain in the long run. A few goals include:

  • Social Media Optimization Hacks


    Getting more traffic

  • Getting more messages
  • Getting more sales
  • Getting more leads

2. Installing Facebook Pixel

After the creation of a list of goals, the next step is to focus on installing Facebook’s tracking pixel on one’s site.

What Is Facebook Pixel?

It is a short code snippet that can be embedded into one’s website to gain valuable insights into how people interact with one’s site.

The person can also include Facebook pixels in one’s popup campaigns to optimize one’s ad campaigns further.

Social Media Optimization Hacks

Facebook Likes and Shares

3. Optimize Your Likes And Shares

The likes and also shares he person gets on one’s Facebook posts and ads do serve as social proof. If getting likes and shares on the posts that means people are admiring the offers.

The ‘Use Existing Post’ option to optimize their shares and likes does help.

The ‘Use Existing Post’ feature does provide businesses with an opportunity to optimize their ads’ likes.

4. Leverage FTO

No matter how effective one’s campaign strategy is, it will take some time for one’s campaign to take off and deliver results. Especially if you have a limited budget, the person has to give the entire process some time before it does start returning some noticeable results. That’s where the FTO strategy comes into the picture.

FTO stands for Fast Take Off. While implementing FTO tactics to optimize one’s Facebook ads campaign, follow these tips.

  • Social Media Optimization Hacks

    Content Marketing

    Setting a budget daily and also keeping it a little more than one’s anticipated budget

  • Avoiding the use of the Accelerated Delivery option as it will drive the platform’s attention toward speed rather than quality or even cost
  • The person can adjust everything once the ads have 10K+ impressions
  • He or she can also adjust the cost according to one’s planned budget once the campaign takes off

5. Optimizing Content cum Images

Attractive images and videos add more value to one’s Facebook ads. They also do improve engagement and also minimize ads cost. One’s goal is to include high-quality and relevant images that make the entire look of one’s most appealing.

Businesses that sell clothing and other fashion articles need to practice this strategy as it will help them better portray their collections.

Social Media Optimization Hacks

Optimizing Ad

It is also critical to optimize content for the right keywords. Writing meaningful content and adding relevant headings to improve the overall readability score of one’s content is essential.

6. Optimize Your Ad Placement

It is good to be aware of one’s ad placement as it has a massive impact on one’s conversions. Also, it significantly impacts one’s overall ad costs.

First and most importantly, the person needs to determine the placement of one’s top-performing ads.


Drive qualified traffic to one’s website or social media pages via Facebook Ads augments business. Social Media Optimization is part and parcel of business.

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