5 Steps To Build Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Several brands do not have a defined digital marketing strategy, while few do have a strategy but have not integrated it into their marketing activity.

A plan is required to grow and innovate, measure meaningful results, and also to learn from past mistakes.

Of course, panic does no help and it is better to craft a plan that can pack a powerful impact.

The most important steps for decision makers for digital marketing impact:

1. Know What You Want (& Set the Objective)

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Nail One’s  Mission:

  • Defining business’ overall mission or objective first helps in digital marketing mission.
  • Digital marketing efforts need to achieve results. This is part of the mission.

Set & Measure Your KPIs:

  • Get specific with one’s KPIs by identifying the figures that the person will be accountable for achieving.
  • Get realistic with one’s KPIs by analyzing one’s previous digital marketing efforts initially. This will ensure aiming for a positive increase in one’s current results while helping the person to avoid setting one’s expectations too high.
  • Identifying a method to help a person measure each of one’s KPIs, like using Google Analytics to measure one’s conversions, the individual social media analytics meant to track engagement or a tool such as BuzzSumo to assess the success of one’s content marketing needs o be focused upon.
  • Before planning one’s KPIs find out which metrics matter most to one’s CEO

2. Analyse One’s Past (& Learn From Mistakes)

Analyzing the digital marketing strategy’s past successes and failures can help focus on setting the best KPIs for one’s business. Therefore, the person might want to complete steps one and two together.

3. Remember who is being spoken to (& Speak Their Language)

Do not let the planning take away from the people reached for. He person already knows who the audience is. Yet, sometimes they are the first thing a digital marketer can indeed forget amidst the KPI setting, budget fretting, and also channel selection.

Develop Useful Personasis a good idea.

4. Identify Means (& Stick to One’s Budget)

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Three things are indeed important for identifying one’s means: these happen to be budget, digital channels, and team (or people). It is important to take stock of all of the resources prior to deciding on what else is required for the next period.

5. Make the Plan (& Don’t Stick to It)

Creation of a plan but sticking to it is also equally necessary. Before the panic sort of sets in, it is better to focus on organized digital marketers.  It is essential to continuously measure and also monitor the performance of one’s digital marketing strategy and to change elements wherever needed.

Creation of One’s Digital Marketing Calendar:

  • Trying to create one’s timeline by making use of Google Calendars – that way the person can share it with one’s team members and also allow them to edit it where necessary.
  • Highlight the key campaigns in order to create and promote them throughout the year and also allocate a timeframe for each.
  • Document the digital channels required to ensure the success of each campaign.

Review Marketing Strategy & Identify Changes Needed:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Creating a measurement and monitoring plan.
  • Checking the success of the individual elements of one’s digital marketing strategy at continuous intervals.
  • If something is not working (i.e. unable to achieve the KPIs set out, then isolate the different elements and also try to identify what is not working.
  • Revisiting previous analyses, personas, and also budget allocation and trying something new.
  • Creation of a clearly defined KPI for the new venture.


Digital marketing requires planning and conscious efforts in implementing the plans for success.


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