Building SEO Friendly Website using WordPress

Building SEO Friendly Website using WordPress

In order to generate good business, it is important to develop an SEO friendly website. The focus has to be building such websites and certain parameters to be followed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is acknowledged as a very broad term for a practice that does implement several tactics. One of the main tactics is rather to start by building an SEO friendly website. This does ensure that the page optimization does start off right and one is in position to design a website that loads quickly and organizes content well. Here WordPress helps. WordPress tied together with the help of some good hosting not only loads quickly, but it also organizes content very well. SEO friendly website can be created.

Setting up a WordPress Website

WordPress has indeed a great natural ability to achieve a high SEO capability. The focus has to be on SEO friendly website. This does mean WordPress can do very well without much tweaking, but remember it will certainly do better with some help. This help can include:

  • Good Hosting
  • SEO friendly design
  • SEO friendly keywords
  • SEO friendly content
  • SEO plugins

It is advisable to put these five factors together in order to achieve the highest results from the

Good Hosting

Hosting is no doubt the basis for every website that the internet does offer. Poor hosting also exists. WordPress does a lot of work for a person. This type of hosting is referred to as WordPress hosting

Seo Friendly Design

One can think of best practices in websites designing for SEO activities theme matters to start with.

What is SEO friendly design all about?

  • Re-size pictures and keeping them small if possible.
  • Minimizing the use of flash and other animations.
  • If using video, do not autoplay.
  • Main navigation uses the main keywords.
  • Sub-navigation points to important pages and keywords.
  • Images use alt tags and include keywords.

Digging into keywords as it does affect the design and SEO of the website.

Seo Friendly Keywords

Keyword research is essential and all SEO work begins from there. It is important to have the ability to identify and use lower competition keywords. Identification of keywords and analyzing them at all levels is important such as:

  • Identify brand and keywords.
  • Identify low competition keywords.
  • Identify buyer keywords-keywords that do inspire a sale from a search.
  • Include keywords in main and sub-navigation.
  • Designing the website and main navigation accordingly.

These are important aspects of an SEO friendly website.

SEO Friendly Content

Content cannot be side-tracked. It is very important no matter what the business is. The website has to be updated regularly. It can be done through a blog, or by posting news about the business. Keep writing content and also keep the website current.

SEO Plugins

WordPress does offer several different plugins. Within the plugins tab, it is possible to click and add new. A simple search for SEO can be carried out. Some favorite results are:

  • SEO by Yoast
  • Inbound Writer
  • Social Sharing
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Creator

These plugins will indeed make sure that best SEO practices are implemented.

Implementing Best On-Page Practices

Here the focus has to be on:

  • Use a good host.
  • Use a minimalist template/theme.
  • Identify good keywords.
  • Use the great SEO plugins in WordPress.
  • Use keywords in the main navigation.
  • Write new content frequently.

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