Online Movie Promotion Ideas to Beat Box Office Goals

Online Movie Promotion Ideas

Online Movie Promotion ideas are given much priority, focusing on how to promote a film online. Be it a blockbuster action movie or an art film indie project, running a local film festival, or celebrating a nationwide release, it is necessary to use social media to one’s advantage.

Bringing in viewers, rewarding fans, and building anticipation with online promotions, contests, and giveaways is much required for ensuring the success of movie promotion ideas.

Movies are indeed considered to be big business. It is not simply about making money but also creating a community of fans, making one’s film a household name, and standing out from all the myriad options that viewers have.

The focus is not merely on TV, online streaming, digital shorts, and several more but also quizzes, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns.

Why promote a film online?

Offline promotion is still considered to be important too. Movie posters, billboards, and also endless in-person press interviews are a vital part of promoting new movies. Maximizing one’s audience reach is required for movie promotion ideas to progress.

Best ideas to promote a film online

Attract attention with a co-branded giveaway

Online users prefer free gifts, treats, and giveaways. In this manner, it is possible to get the audience’s attention.

Build anticipation with a prediction contest

In the run-up to première night, trying to build anticipation and excitement in the audience helps. It is a good idea to drop teaser trailers, share behind-the-scenes photos, or even offer cryptic clues about plot twists.

Challenge one’s audience to a movie trivia quiz

Every movie fan loves their trivia.

Even if one’s film is not part of a famous series, a person can still run a fun quiz to get viewers’ attention. Asking them for their expertise in different film genres, actors, or even directors seems a way out.

Specialist quizzes have an extra benefit as they are most attractive to one’s target audience. By running targeted promotions, then successful market reach is possible.

Users always do need motivation to join one’s promotions. Offer an exclusive deal on tickets to everyone who answers the questions correctly.

Raise awareness with a ticket giveaway

Once the film arrives in theatres, the biggest challenge is selling tickets. It is really important to create promotions that work online as well as offline.

It might appear counter-intuitive, but a ticket giveaway is indeed an excellent method of boosting sales. The competition winners will indeed watch the film for free. Several participants do volunteer to share contests on social media, so spreading the word to an even bigger audience is important.

Increase ticket sales with a limited coupon offer

Offering a discount on tickets does appear like losing money. Coupons usually do produce a major return on investment. Losing money from the discount is possible, but it is possible to earn it back, and also more, from the increase in sales.

Offer tickets to your best-dressed viewers

Opened in theatres, the film can be advantageous in physical venues as it means running exclusive events as well as celebrations. Running local events and also competitions to promote a film online and sharing the excitement with one’s fans.

Costumes and contests are popular for sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book franchise fans. These communities tend to be indeed very active online so it helps to create awareness of one’s promotional plans. Bring them off social media and into one’s movie theatre with fan-focused events cum offers.

Put one’s audience in the director’s seat

Fans can be invited to share their own films in an online video competition.

Sharing your own trailer edits, film tributes, actor impressions, film reviews, alternative endingsand many more helps. The audience’s creativity is important and needs to be highlighted, and show that they value the content they produce.

Creating one’s account to promote a film online

It helps to create an account and also start drafting all one’s promotions for free.


Every popular film or franchise does have its online fans.

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