Top Brochure Design Trends of 2023

Top Brochure Design Trends of 2023

Brochure design tends to be manifold and much to choose from. Businessmen can choose a design that suits their taste. The brochure design needs to be unique in style.

This is the era of professional brochure design. The usage of essential marketing tools is in vogue. Businessmen are interested in saving time and would prefer easy and eye-catching business brochure designs. Brochure design trends are indeed varied. 

1. Professional Business Brochure Design (PSD)

Trifold brochure layouts are indeed quite common and this template does a good job of balancing text as well as images. It also has cool blue colors as well as shapes that can be customized in Photoshop. With the assistance of Smart Objects and organized layers, a person will be able to make brochures for effective businesses.

2. The Brochure (INDD, IDML)

The Brochure happens to be one of the best business brochures. There are of course 28 pages, so it is easy to fit a lot of content. Brochure design tends to be varied and Brochure does stand out in its way.

Top Brochure Design Trends of 2023

Top Brochure Design Trends of 2023

3. Chiropractic Services Clinic Trifold Brochure (INDD)

There is no need to be a chiropractor to use this selection. It is indeed considered to be a cool trifold brochure example for businesses of all types. The focus is on highlighting the services, products, or other offerings. The text, fonts, as well as colors are editable, so make the most of this template.

4. Architecture Brochure (INDD, IDML)

Create pages readers will love flipping through with this entry. The A4-sized business brochure design lets you share photos and text in equal measure. You’ll appreciate the use of white space to reduce clutter, and the geometric ornaments add to the layouts.

5. Corporate Brochure for Business (INDD)

This does entail a business brochure that concerned with corporate design and also tends to update it with modern touches.

6. Garden Shop Brochure Template (AI, EPS)

Green tones do add an interesting dimension to the brochure layouts, but they also have two other color variations. It is print-ready and also fully editable, and it also consists of Smart Object layers for adding photos. Gardeners, florists, as well as landscapers can make use of this sample of a pamphlet design to create new handouts for promoting services.

7. Mine Trifold Business Brochure Layout Template (INDD)

Mine happens to be another of the trifold brochure examples for businesses of al sorts of sizes. The layouts of each fold do stand out well on their own, while also adhering to a single design theme. 

8. Bifold Roll Brochure Layout (INDD)

A bifold business brochure, a simple design has a cover that can attract readers with a large photo of their choice. It is also possible to use the fonts as well as colors of one’s choice while the person is customizing the brochure layouts.

9. Sale Square Brochure (INDD)

Promoting the latest fashion collection or sale items with this stylish brochure template is worth trying out. Its square pages are rather professionally designed and print-ready. This business pamphlet design keeps the images, text, and backgrounds on separate slides, and enables a person to make edits without changing the look of the overall page.

10. Red Brochure Template (INDD, DOC, DOCX)

Red Brochure is simple as well as classy and this square pamphlet design template does feature slight pops of color on each page that makes the content stand out. It also has creative image masks to highlight one’s photos. 


The need of the hour is for bright, bold colors and brochures that are very attractive in their designs. Over the past few years, graphic designers have rather gone for designing brochures in subdued colors as they believe that muted colors create a sophisticated look. Brochure design is important for business development and growth.

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