How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts?

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts?

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts?

Social media marketing services do provide a gamut interesting content for users to carry out their professional work and enjoy. Social media plats a vial role in every aspect of the business world. Instagram stories and Posts music features are indeed quite simple and foolproof approach to elevate the content. Social media marketing services entail such options.

Adding music to one’s stories and posts is indeed a great way to level up one’s Instagram content, while also engaging the audience. A person may want to spice up a photo, share underrated tracks, or even enhance his or her meme content, and add music to the posts which is easy.

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

Step #1: Capturing or Importing One’s Instagram Stories

Open the Instagram Stories Camera and then take a photo or video or upload directly from one’s camera roll by tapping the square preview in the bottom left corner.

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts?

Instagram Post

Step #2: Select a Song

Tap the sticker icon at the top of the given screen and choose the music sticker. This will indeed open the Instagram music library where the person will find thousands of songs to choose from:

Scroll through a “For You” tab of suggested songs, browsing by category, or search for a specific song.

Instagram’s music library is rather  filled with popular songs and also artists such as  Beyoncé, Guns N’ Roses, and Shawn Mendes, thanks to Facebook’s partnership with record labels.

All said and done, Instagram Business profiles only have a limited selection of music due to Instagram’s licensing agreements.

Step #3: Choose the Perfect Snippet

When happy with the chosen song, it is possible to fast-forward and rewind via the track to choose the exact part that does fit the story.

Step #4: Choosing One’s Desired Format

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts?

Instagram Music

It is time to format one’s chosen track.

The person has the option to display lyrics in a variety of fonts, pop in a cover, or tap the “x” for music only.

Tap “Done” to seal the deal:

Step #5: Share the Story 

Now the person is ready to post to Instagram Stories. As usual, a person can add GIFs, polls, or even hashtags.

Tap the “Your story” button at the bottom of the screen and here goes the beginning as it has all been set.

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post

Step #1: Start a New Post

Head to one’s profile, tap the” +” sign at the bottom of the screen and then select a photo from the camera roll or snap a photo directly.

From here, edit one’s image; add a caption, tags, hashtags, and location like how a person usually would:

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts?

Instagram Post

Step #2: Add Music to One’s Post

To add music to one’s post, tap the “Add music” option.

The person will be prompted to search for songs or even browse the “For You” section to select his or her audio:

Step #3: Choose one’s Snippet

Once the person has selected the audio, adjust the clip preferred to be used.


How to Add a Song from Spotify to One’s Instagram Story

For Spotify users who happen to be looking for a fresh way to spotlight their favorite tracks on Instagram Stories, follow these three simple steps:

Step #1: Open the Spotify App

Open one’s Spotify app and tap the song the person wants to add to the Instagram Story or post.

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts?


Step #2: Export One’s Spotify Song to Instagram 

Tap the share button at the existing bottom right of the screen or the three dots at the top right corner, and then tap “Share.”

From the pop-up menu, tap “Stories” to one’s track to Instagram Stories:

Step #3: Share One’s Spotify Song to Instagram Stories

From Instagram Stories, a person can move, resize, and rotate the Spotify song thumbnail as desired.

Finally, tap “Your story” at the bottom of the screen.

Can I Add My Own Music to Instagram Stories and Posts?

Yes. How?

To do so, there are two options:

  1. Adding one’s music to a streaming platform such as Sound-cloud, Spotify, or Apple Music and then share following the steps outlined above.
  2. Upload one’s tracks directly to Instagram’s music library.


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